NCTCOG Rebate Specialist and Expert Authority.

Texas Storm Shelter has done and completed 100’s of rebate programs. We stand prepared to assist in all paperwork and in full compliance with FEMA to assure you get your full reimbursement promptly.

  1. We offer a free site review of your property and consult with you on what type of shelter is most affordable, and the best fit for your specific home. 
  2. Collect a $300 Deposit to get the process started.
  3. Collect a site map or hand sketch of your garage or property identifying desired location of storm shelter.
  4. Contractor (Texas Storm Shelter) will request and provide a permit application to your local city building permit department.
  5. Contractor (Texas Storm Shelter) will assist and/or provide and additional details for the building permit.
  6. Consult with owner for an installation date.
  7.  Installation should taker less that a few hours depending on type of shelter.
  8. Installation Certificate, Building Permit and ATSA Seal will all be provided to home owner. 
  9. Texas Storm Shelter will call for final building permit inspection and address any concerns.
  10. Mail in full package to FEMA for reimbursement of 50% of total cost up to $3,000 for home owner.