Garage Storm Shelters

All New Bullet Proof Shelters 1/2″ AR 500 steel  

             Many shelters in Stock NOW for immediate delivery.             972-955-5775

All New Bullet Proof Shelters and Safe Rooms in Stock NOW for immediate delivery.  Call us at 972-955-5775

All NEW Bullet Proof Residential and Commercial Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms. Tested and EF-5 Tornado Certified and NEW Cat-5 Hurricane Certified.  Gloss White Powder Coating, Bullet Proof Window is a very popular feature, Hilti anchor system and anchor flange is a new engineered design to be the strongest around, (4) 1″ thick throw bolts lock the door from the inside.   All Shelters Meet FEMA codes and ICC 500 to comply with all rebate programs. *NOTE we are one of the few that offers you an option door placement, either on the small end or the long side, your choice.  Make an educated decision when buying your storm shelter, by stopping in our show room to see our shelters and learn how they are constructed.

Various sizes available below.




32”x6’ and 3’x5′ 

3 Person Shelter

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3’ x 6’

3-4 Person Shelter

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4’ x 6’ (Most Popular)

5-6  Person Shelter

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4’ x 8’

7  Person Shelter

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5’ x 7’

8  Person Shelter

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6’ x 8’

10  Person Shelter

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6’ x 10’

12 Person Shelter

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8’ x 10’

16 Person Shelter

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8’ x 14’

22 Person Shelter

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*Financing: 12 Month 0.0% Interest            

Commercial or Residential Type Shelter (Meets all FEMA codes for commercial shelters)

  • 8′ x 20′ x 7′ Tall (30 -40 Person Capacity) 

  • 8′ x 25′ x 7′ Tall (50 Persons Capacity)

If you don’t have room in your garage we can construct an engineered concrete slab outside for you.  Ask about cost and details.


Options, Call for pricing

  • Bullet Proof Construction AR-500 Steel Shelters

  • Multiple Doors entry/exit

  • AC Duct in Roof Top

  • Key Lock Door Latch

  • Custom Engineering Design for any size or shape

  • Delivered anywhere in the USA

6'x8' and 6'5" Tall. Tornado Shelter

6x10 Steel Garage Shelter

Out Side Storm Shelter on a Concrete Pad

garage storm shelter

We manufacture our welded 1 piece safe rooms in a variety of sizes ranging from (small) 3-4 people to (jumbo) 16-20 people, as well as community shelters sizes for 300+ people. 

All above ground Storm Shelters are white powder-coated and made using a thick heavy duty steel skin 1/4″ thick heavy interior 4″ steel framing and the most durable heavy duty steel doors with various safety features including (4) deadbolts to secure your family from violent storms.  Note how many anchors we use on each and ever storm shelter, we use a 5/8″ diameter anchor almost 20 anchors in our most popular 4×6 shelter. 

We offer one of the toughest and substantial anchoring system around,  19 concrete anchors are placed in our most popular 4×6. 

A very special feature is our small bullet proof window located on the door, our customers love this feature making it a safe room and a tornado shelter. 


Various Add-On Options include: Total Bullet Proof Shelters, about any custom size you need call for details.  

 If you want a shelter outside or on your patio we can offer a powder coating and construct a concrete slab anchoring system.