Under-Ground Garage Shelter —NEW Construction Only

We manufacture our underground shelters in 3 sizes. This allows safety for up to 12 people. Our welders fully weld the seams of the shelter inside and out.

frisco tornado shelters

 In addition, the outside is coated in a coal-tar epoxy to prevent rust and water leakage, all shelters are partially encased in 3000 psi concrete and #4 rebar around the parameter to ensure it is securely anchored to your existing concrete slab.

In Floor Garage Storm Shelters

Option: We address Post Tension Cabling commonly found in many homes foundations by out-sourcing this endeavor to a third party specializing in the carefully cutting and re-tensioning of the home’s cabling system, this is an added cost or mostly we cut the cables and all is fine with no damage to the slab.

The walls of the shelter are made of 10 gauge steel. While, the sliding door/roof assembly is made of ¼” steel, all from American steel mills. There are 5 steps leading down  the shelter that you can remove to utilize the whole interior of the shelter. 

In the event debris is covering the top of your shelter, there is an (OPTIONAL) come-along that can open either sliding top door/roof so you can escape. Additionally, we position the shelter so the tires of your car straddle the door and ideally, you can enter your shelter without having to move your vehicle out in the storm. 



Small 37″x 84″ x 55″ Tall 5-6 Person
Medium 60″ x 84″ x 64″ Tall 8-10 Person
Large 60″ x 96″ x 64″ Tall 10-12 Person