Under-Ground Garage Shelter in Texas

New Construction Only 


Small 3′ x 6′ x 55″ Tall, 3 Person Shelter

Medium 5′ x 7′ x 55″ Tall 7 Person Shelter (Most Popular)

Large 5′ x 8′ x 55″ Tall 8 Person Shelter

If new construction we can build any size needed and 68″ tall or taller.


Special Note on Homes with Post Tension Cables:

Post Tension Cabling is commonly found in many newer home foundations (built after 1990), as the home owner please do your research on the risks of cutting cables and concrete beams associated with post tension cabling and any warranty you may have with your builder on your foundation.   If you want to have an underground garage system installed in a home with PTC,  I will insist on a disclaimer whereby Texas Storm Shelter is held harmless and takes no responsibility for future settlement and cracking in your slab.  That being said, I have done  many of the installations and will provide a quality job, typical completion time 2 days.   If you are in a home with no cabling, no worries this is an excellent option to save room in your garage and still have great protection from violent storms.   Call me today for any question or pricing.  Stephen Cox – Owner 972-955-5775  

We manufacture our underground shelters in 3 sizes, and if new construction we can offer a taller shelter and up to 6’W x 10’L x 7′ tall or about any size you want.  This allows safety for up to 12 people. Our welders fully weld the seams of the shelter inside and out.

One of our under-ground garage shelters in Texas

 In addition, the outside is coated in a coal-tar epoxy to prevent rust and water leakage, all shelters are partially encased in 3000 psi concrete and #4 rebar around the parameter to ensure it is securely anchored to your existing concrete slab.

concrete tornado shelters

The above underground garage shelter is new way for builders to leave a void hole whereby cabling and piers can be built around this void.  I can come in and install the underground garage shelter after the slab is poured and prior to framing being completed around the garage.  We work with lots of custom builders, where we install before the concrete slab is poured or after in the above situation.  Call me with questions or have your builder call me.  Stephen Cox – Owner 972-955-5775