Concrete Storm Shelters

Serving All of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, And Beyond.

Safety Rating
FEMA 320 & 361 F-5 Testing
ICC 500 Protocols
5-20 Person
Concrete Base

Concrete Storm Shelters

Underground Concrete Tornado Shelters always in stock for immediate delivery.  These underground-ground and above ground concrete storm shelters are able to withstand EF-5 violent tornado force wind speeds and debris. There are two different types of underground concrete storm shelters, most common is the Sloped Front and our Flat Top have a steeper entry stair system.  Must have room to get our equipment into your yard, typically about a 30’x30′ area is needed for installation. Dirt can be hauled off (additional cost) and removed creating a sleek design with no mounding around the shelters.

Available in sloped front or flat top

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5' X 7'
6' X 8'
7' X 10'


7  Person Shelter
10  Person Shelter
15  Person Shelter

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