Under Foundation Storm Shelters

Serving All of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, And Beyond.

Safety Rating
FEMA 320 & 361 F-5 Testing
ICC 500 Protocols
5-20 Person
Underground Concrete Garage Storm Shelter

Under Ground Storm Shelters

We manufacture our underground shelters in 3 standard sizes, and if new construction we can offer a taller shelter and up to 6’W x 10’L x 7′ tall or about any size you want.  This allows safety for up to 12 people. Fully welded seams inside and out. In addition, the outside is coated in a coal-tar epoxy to prevent rust and water leakage.

The underground garage shelter is a great way for builders to leave a void whereby cabling and piers can be built around the shelter. Call with questions or have your builder call with any questions.

*Please note that if you have existing concrete you may have post-tension cables. Cutting these cables may void any foundation warranty you may have. Please consult your builder regarding your foundation warranty. Texas Storm Shelter does not warranty existing foundations. We can install in pre-existing construction after a review of the property and owner's understanding of warranties and limitations.

Standard height 65", custom to 7ft tall

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3' X 6'
3' X 7'
3' X 8'
5' X 7'
5' X 8'
6' X 10'


4 Person Shelter
5-6 Person Shelter
6 Person Shelter
7 Person Shelter
8 Person Shelter
12 Person Shelter

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